There was a time when iPhone 4S was the most advanced smartphone in the world and learning how to jailbreak 4s iPhones was in high demand.jailbreaking-iphone But its place as the number one smartphone has been usurped by the latest iPhone 5. In such a scenario, what you can do as an iPhone 4S owner is to jailbreak it! You may envy iPhone 5 for being the slimmest and the lightest iPhone ever, but you know in your heart that iPhone 4S is no less a gadget in terms of features and specifications. In fact, you can make your old phone a better in terms of the functionality offered and you will get to enjoy more the very same hardware if you decide to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Apple does not like the idea of anyone tinkering with the iOS of its phones and issues veiled threats to its customers when they try to jailbreak or unlock the devices. However, you need not worry on the count of legality as DMCA has declared the activity to be perfectly legal as long as the owner has paid in full to the company for the hardware and software. Jailbreaking iPhone 4S is not a very difficult task and you need not be a computer wizard to obtain a jailbreak for your gadget. If you have a burning desire to get away from the restrictions imposed upon you by Apple, you can make use of a reliable software based tool to jailbreak the Apple iPhone 4.

What Makes Jailbreak iPhone 4S So Popular

There are lots of benefits that accrue to you after jailbreaking of your iPhone 4S, the best of them being the ability to download and install third party programs and apps on your iPhone. You know that Apple does not allow downloading of apps from any other source other than its app store. With jailbreak you have the freedom to download apps from other sources and also to make use of free apps whose cost are very high in the app store of Apple. What is more, you then are free to go for unlock iPhone 4S after jailbreak which will set you free from the tyranny of your carrier.

Apple protects the operating system of its iPhones as decoding this iOS allows people to save money through different ways. This is why Apple sells its iPhones only as locked phones and vehemently opposes attempts of hackers to tinker with this iOS. Developers are able to decode this operating system by exposing its loopholes and they can develop apps that work with this amended software. This means owners of iPhones can download the apps without paying money to Apple. Not only the owners of iPhones but even the app developers feel stifled working for Apple as their apps are scrutinized deeply by the company before they can be places in its app store.

This is why jailbreaking iPhone 4S makes not only owners but also the community of hackers and developers happy. Owners get the best of the both worlds as they enjoy not only the apps from the app store of Apple but also thousands more from Cydia. What is more, their phones become eligible for unlock iPhone 4S as well after jailbreaking. Jailbreaking gives a lot of mental satisfaction to the hackers and developers as their creativity is fuelled and they also feel good to have broken the code of the iOS. It is not surprising then that Apple has tried to plug the loopholes in its iOS by hiring the services of some of the famous hackers around the world. But the company cannot do anything to control the activities of thousands of hackers who are sitting out of its reach and ready to pounce upon every new iOS that Apple comes up with. These hackers are happier outside Apple as they do not have to stifle their creativity serving under the strict restrictions imposed by Apple.

Take a look at the following step by step guide4S to jailbreak your iPhone 4S that is based upon a free tool available on the internet.

  • Step 1: Log on to this site and download the right tool for jailbreak of your iPhone 4S
  • Step 2: jailbreaking iPhone 4S in untethered mode requires Absinthe tool
  • Step 3: Install the downloaded program on the hard drive of your computer
  • Step 4S: Update the firmware of your iPhone 4S to 5.1.1
  • Step 5: Start the tool from Absinthe on the computer after connecting your phone with it
  • Step 6: Start the process of jailbreaking
  • Step 7: Do not panic if you find your phone to reboot on its own as it normal during this process. Wait as the tool completes the jailbreak and you are notified about it
  • Step 8: Check if Cydia is installed on the home screen of your iPhone. This confirms that your phone has achieved jailbreak
  • Step 9: Try downloading apps from outside the app store of Apple to make sure your phone has got jailbreak

Jailbreak iPhone 4S Using Automatic Software Based Tool

If you are under the assumption that you will get to jailbreaking iPhone 4 easily using free tools from the internet, you are wrong. These are notlogo automatic tools that will perform the jailbreak on their own as you will need to follow their command prompts all the time. Any mistake in following the instructions on your part can damage your expensive device. Further, even if you get a jailbreak, it will be temporary and will vanish as soon as you update your firmware. This is because it is a tethered jailbreak that is not permanent in nature and you will always require to connect your phone with a computer while rebooting. To get a jailbreak that is permanent, you need to find a reputable website having long experience in jailbreaking. You have to pay a small amount of money to the recommended website but you are also guaranteed the desired results. You will get technical support and back up at all times and you are free to proceed to unlock your iPhone once you have got jailbreak for your phone. Paid tools also make sure you get all the updates in future.