How Phone Unlocking Works

With the release of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 6, Official iPhone Unlock presents a brief guide on how to unlock the device, allowing it to be used on any mobile phone network. The company’s service works on all previous iterations of the iPhone from the 3GS right up to the 6, as well as iphone boxiPads. This freedom to choose what network to use with an iPhone is unparalleled, and Official iPhone Unlock will release a new unlock code within 48 hours unless stated otherwise, enabling customers to use their phone on any network quickly.

Given the popularity of the iPhone, especially when a new one is released (4 million iPhone 6 handsets were sold in just one day), phone networks deliberately lock them to their own service. They can then sell the phone with a discount, relying on the fact that plenty of people will buy them and then recoup the loss on a long term contract. Keeping the phone locked to their network means that customers cannot simply buy the discounted phone and switch to a new contract with a different network or use it as a money-making scheme by selling the handset on.

In some cases, it might not be feasible to continue using one company’s network. For instance, if a customer moves house to an area where there is low reception for their old network, then they will be left with a useless phone. Unlocking it allows them to continue using their phone on a separate network with more coverage. Alternatively, it can be far cheaper to avoid roaming charges when travelling abroad by unlocking a phone permanently and just using a local Sim card to use an international network.

If it is necessary to unlock a phone, then customers can rest assured that unlike some online sites, this service will communicate with Apple’s iTunes and unlock the phone without breaking the warranty. Reviews of the Official iPhone Unlock organisation reveal how effective this method is and justifies the amount of time that it takes in comparison to other fake sites. By informing iTunes that a particular IMEI is registered as ‘unlocked’, this will validate the service regardless of what network is then being used. This information will then be relayed back to the phone and the unlock is complete. Most importantly, this unlock is permanent and applies to most networks.